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Wednesday, January 17

Once tagged, Twice? Never again!!

Something/Someone(S): Oh well... You've been 'tagged'...

Me(M): Really? Have I? Are you sure?

S: Yes you idiot! Go look up Advitiya's blog if you don't believe me...

M: Oh alright... I believe you. Wait! Who are you?

S: I'm that little voice in you...

M: You're the one who makes me sing Nelly Furtado when I'm high?

S: No No... The other little voice. That tells you to be nicer than you already are. To be sensible and responsible and mature along with a lot other things that are nice.

M: err.. Okay! What are you doing here all of a sudden? I haven't seen or heard from you all my life!

S: Well. I'm not going to mince any words, nor am I going to sugar coat them, but it's come to obvious concern that you suck!


S: Yes... I expected that from you, you ignorant bastard... Anyway, I'm here to help you reform.

M: How?

S: Well, just read on...


(Why are they called resolutions? Do they even 'resolve' anything? Or let alone solve? Or let alone 'olve'? Okay... I went too far with that one...)

1. I will 'TRY' to be genuinely nicer to other 'PEOPLE' henceforth.
For example, if an old man sitting next to me starts, "You know, in 1962, when I was.... blah blah..." I will 'TRY' my hardest not to think: "Man! Why didn't you die last month? I'm sure your kids hate you... If you don't leave now, I'll stab you."

2. I will oblige with a smile. And a bow, for a hint of exaggeration.

"Look at what you did! You smashed right into my car!"
"Son of a b**ch! You're not going to get away with this!"
"What are you smiling like an ass**** for? Give me your license!"
(I'll try different adaptations and modifications of the routine for added effect)
"Are you mad?"
(I will also contemplate throwing a carefully aimed punch when he is least expecting it. Yes! You guessed right... Inbetween a smile & bow!)

3. I will grow my hair till it reaches my shoulders and beyond, this year! I'm tired of giving up when summer settles in. I am no longer going to be bothered if my hair becomes icky and loses colour because of all the humidity & sweat. It's a small price to pay to be able to pick lice, wear a hairband and remove knots from my hair. I am also dying to experience how unkept hair will bring out clumps from the root like in the advertisements on TV. Which reminds me... Visit me at your own risk because there's going to be hair on everything I own... And stuff I've borrowed from you.
I also hope to market my own hair-care products one day and use witty lines such as "Does your hair bristle with difficulties? Try our new product 'Hairum-Scarum' & you'll show all the women how sexy being bald is..."
Another work-able prototype; "Hey baldy! Having hair problems? Oops! Sorry... Relax now! Keep your 'hair' on... No need to flare up... We can be a little 'hare-brained' at times... Tee Hee."
Other witty recommendations are most welcome...

4. I solemnly swear to never be influenced by advertisements any more... I will not rush out & buy a product however hot the woman endorsing it is... That sexy purring voice will not win me over... I will no longer be distracted (& drift across the road) by large hoardings of Katrina Kaif in 'veet' adverts showcasing her legs (One of the many causes of road accidents). Now that I've made myself clear, I must confess I already feel a void and desperately need a Bacardi Mojito and a few of those dancing girls from the ad...

5. I'm going to 'TRY' to incorporate the 'sleep early - wake up early' routine. As crazy as this might seem for any nocturnal person, it is physically & morally wrong! We were never intended to stay awake when our side of the world turned dark. It's turned dark for a purpose! If God intended us to make merry at 2 in the night, he would atleast have given us some light...
Anyway, the temple being just 50 feet away from my house, I might as well rediscover my religious roots & visit it atleast once! I will defy all rules & wear jeans! And shock all the elderly women who come there early in the morning to pray for their families who in all probability will still be asleep...
(Can you believe the temple actually has a board that says people in shorts and jeans are not allowed? Hah! I'll show them!)
The fact that this blog was posted past midnight has to be excused! Okay? Take me to the Supreme Court if you want! Bah!

6. 'ATTEMPT' to live for an entire month in complete isolation... In a place where I will know nobody and have absolutely no means of communication! A kind of solitary confinement, because I'm kind of a 'solo' guy and I would love to find out if I could live upto my own expectations!
errr.. A TV cable connection wouldn't hurt though... :S

7. Hold 'sarcasm workshops' for government officials and other such retards who make people stand in queues all the time! I believe they possess the natural charm & wit for producing very sarcastic replies to queries because they're on the whole, insensitive and mean, not to mention painfully annoying...

- "Oh! You wanted me to send the money order to your sister in Belgium! Oh, I'm soooo sorry... It's now gone to Pakistan. I'm sure you're glad you made some kid happy. Oh well, that'll be 850 rupees"

- "You want to know if this is court room number 9? Oh not at all... The sign here is a fake! This is actually a fancy dress party where we all dress as lawyers, scream at the top of our lungs and throw slippers & chairs at each other..."

- "Oh! You want to meet the notary public officer? You really do? Don't kid now... Really?"

- "You are so lucky! The officer in charge just went 'some'where to do 'some'thing. Why don't you just stand around here for 'some' hours and if you're in luck you'll catch him today. I predict a fun filled day! Don't you agree?"

8. Act like you're really glad to do something which you absolutely loathe & would probably consider doing it only if it were the last thing on earth!

Advitiya, this message is meant especially for you from the absolute bottom of my heart. I can't tell you in words or actions how much I loved to write this post. I'm filled with an undescribable ecstasy. I can feel little bubbles of joy exploding within myself. I'm on a high and I haven't felt this way since I last inhaled petroleum fumes. I feel like cascading in a multitude of cartwheels, but alas!! I can attempt only 2 at a time... However, I will forever cherish this moment, bestow my deepest gratitude and forever be indebted to you for giving me the power of self-realisation for, I feel like a much better person already...

9. Never EVER come up with a list of 10 resolutions because it really doesn't matter in the end.
I'd like to see you keep up ATLEAST one of your resolutions.


M: You know what? I really don't give a shit... If I swore to fight for poor starving kids in Somalia, I'd have actually given it a good thought. But your list just bores me to death! Not to mention how drab & impossible it sounds.

S: What? I thought it was pretty decent. You ungrateful wretch!

M: Oh scram! Back to where you came back from... I know how to get rid of you... I'll drink shitloads & sleep it off...

S: 'I'm like a bird... hummm... hummm...' (Really bad rendition of Nelly Furtado's 'I'm Like A Bird')

M: Holy Cow! It WAS you!!!

*fade out to sounds of a scream... Like someone just got stabbed*

    What's new? - Check out my poems at my other blog

Thursday, January 11

Untitled Poem II


Curtains drawn aside,
Sunlight streaming in the day,
A shard of bright light,
Screaming the dark away.
Coming alive,
Leading the way,
Misty paths, I hope,
They clear before it's too late.

Colours, they start to fade,
Smudging fine lines, traces,
Stabbed & left for dead.
Drained out the life,
Nothing I would trade,
Nothing to last.
Colours, they run,
Stained in a parallel past.

Confused and lost, and then,
An ashen face,
I thought back to when,
I'd betrayed myself.
All the time spent,
In Nothingsville,
My ears I had lent,
Taught myself to lie.

Scissor edged reality,
Cutting through,
A paper thin mirage,
A wish to come true,
Hope nothing gives way,
Thoughts whisked away,
Haunting faces, places,
From my memory erases.

It's time to depart..... To fade away.....


(No! I am not troubled & my heart does not ache... You may now go back to playing with your respective blow-up dolls...)