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Sunday, November 30

The end of all beginnings

Every time I feel the annoying urge to put some words down, I always think of a great ending. The perfect sign-off. The calm after the storm, only the other way around.

I realised that even while writing about nothing in particular, I still am pretty mediocre at it. Which is why the droll wit and the long meaningless sentences that help the reader focus that nonchalant gaze on the static screen, need to rise up to a colossal end so as to give him/her the satisfaction of not having completely wasted the last 10 minutes of his/her time.

I do not deceive. I do not force the reader to read enrapt, the random ramble of words, conjured phrases and self-inflicted ridicule. A reader by habit feels the need to end what he has started. A reader that puts a book down always picks it up again one day. It is not necessary that the book needs to be particularly interesting. Every reader has an ego that remains invisible to the eyes of people, an ego that only he can satiate, which is to leave nothing unaccomplished, leave no book unread.

My choice of words are open to speculation. It is therefore fortunate nobody has stepped up so far to refute my opinions (which I am not ready share with anybody anyway). So while you sit there, disgruntled and hold me in contempt of my crass way of undermining your power of authority to tell me how to frame my sentences or how to edit what I type, I sit amused. Not at the expense of your helpless plight, but at my unfair advantage.

I might remain misinformed regarding the variety of your opinions, criticism far beyond my reach. My argument remains that such a predicament is a very good thing. I wouldn't particularly like to be told I suck, until I approach a publisher, upon which time I expect to be more than 30 years old. And successfully capable of procuring a licensed firearm. So thank you for all the kind words that remain locked up within your mental prison which keep telling you how smart you are, and how condescending I am.

Yes, I understand this is very abstract but the boring part is almost done with and the good part is almost here.

I am referring to the end, which I originally began with...

And to really sum it all up, I think all of the above is horse crap!