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Wednesday, February 13

Change... And the pointless quest to remain the same

The more things change, the more they stay the same...
(Someone said it sometime back. Someone famous. I don't know who. I don't need to know.)

Some call change, fate.
Others call it destiny.
Some don't even realise they are no longer who they were.

Is there ever such a thing as a constant state of being? In death perhaps, but we really don't know what goes on in our mind beyond that line, do we?
We don't remain constant for long... And by calling it a temporary state of constant being, I'm making no sense at all.
So, what can you call it, really?

I know that people oppose change like the devil. They beg and plead and hold on to dear life to all that they know is familiar to them.
Nobody goes down without a fight. The harder you try to hold on to all that seems to make sense to you, the harder it is for you to realise that you need to change.

The only thing you're fighting against, is your own will, or rather your unwilling desire to remain the same.
What is 'same'? How long have you stayed the 'same' before you last felt different?
The thinking might take you far back, longer than you could ever remember. But this really isn't about how powerful your memory is...

There are a lot of people that don't want to change. They fight a vicious fight against an enemy they know nothing about.
It's like running into battle with your helmet on - backwards.
And they never seem to really understand the reason for their blind stand against change. It soon becomes a power game with no purpose or meaning to it.
People just want to stay exactly the same, for as long as possible.
By standing perfectly still, rooted to the same spot they've grown familiar to.
They seem to like it, even if in actuality, they really dislike it. Because in case they do suffer, they would've at least gotten used to the pain.

What really dissuades people from taking that leap of faith and clearing the gorge is not just the fear of plummeting down through an endless abyss. Rather, it's the fear of imagining what might be waiting to break their fall. Who knows what kind of pain awaits them in a land unknown? Chances are, it might be even worse.
So people maintain their status quo and walk a path already cleared by someone else.

The strange thing is that in the end, people do change...
And when they do, it's not monumental. It's not like the earth stood still in wait of their transformation. People assume that in the wake of their tireless anticipation, the journey they are about to embark upon would be started by a big bang.
But you hear no explosion...
It doesn't even grab that slightest bit of attention, you were afraid somebody might notice.
Nobody would actually notice it unless they looked really close.
And thank God they don't.

But you see it. Inside you, that change makes a world of a difference.
And you hope that it really is phenomenal, because it would go on to determine the kind of person you would become and remain that way forever*.
* Forever - a term used to describe a period of time that is unknown and cannot be known, because people assume and hope that they will never have to change again.

People might remain morose, they might remain happy.
The new awakening could spell detrimental to their existence, but people eventually do give in.
Phases change, just the same as faces change...

I feel different today. A different kind of different since yesterday...
Or the day before...
And I never fight it. I welcome change with arms wide open...

Because I know that, in the end,
Change always wins...