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Friday, July 21

Short Story.... Part - I


It had happened yet again...

'BB' had for the fourth time crashed his car in the same month...

I jerked awake to a sit-upright position, the phone still glued to my ear.

"Stupid F**ker got drunk again! I'm on my way to the hospital. I'm tired of bailing this asshole. That too at 6 in the f**king morning! You get there pronto!"

Limp's voice came through indistinct against the breeze. He really was in a hurry!

"I'll be there. Don't drive too fast & land up in a bed next to him."

I lazily staggered to the bathroom and threw some cold water on my face.
Stupid bitch always chooses a bloody Sunday to ruin!

'BB'... Short for 'Buffalo Butt'...
The name came into existence shortly after a hazardous experience in Goa. BB, having had a little more than his usual quota of Whiskey, swaggered out in the open & mooned three exquisitely dressed women, who were exceedingly hot, I might add.
One whole night spent explaining to the cops & making calls to gather as much bribe money as we possibly could, it was a trip to remember!
Anyway, BB stands for Buffalo Butt, his butt being very big and black.

As I changed & headed out to the car park, the dampness in the air was surprisingly cool and refreshing...
I wasn't used to waking up early I guess, making a mental note to visit the gym atleast once that week.

As soon as I stepped into the lobby, I noticed Limp sitting in the visitors' lounge talking to a heavily bandaged BB...

"You really are an asshole BB. Arivu Illa? (Don't have any sense?). Anyway, how bad is it?"

"Nothing major. Hero here, dislocated his shoulder & a few scratches. Nothing apart from that."

BB looked dishevelled. I would've bet anything he was still under the influence of alcohol. A strip of gauze ran right across his chest & stomach, wound round and round making him look a lot fatter than he actually was.

"Nice thoppai (stomach) da. Haha... Did you tell your dad?" I asked.

"Yeah... He wasn't too happy though. Anyway, no issues now."

"You think he'd be happy with you crashing the fourth car this month?"

BB's dad was a favourite among us all.

Spoiling his only son wasn't particularly a very bright idea which I'm sure he's slowly figuring out.
BB's built a kind of immunity where he believes any trouble he gets into would be solved by people around him. In short, he acts like a fussy little girl when he needs to get things done.

BB's dad owns a very large consultancy firm and is on the board of directors for atleast 6 companies... I think...
A recent merger with an international export house made him one of the most talked about business leaders in the city.

"Hey guys! You'll never guess who called me yesterday!"
Limp suddenly boomed drawing forth stern glances from a couple of attendants.

He mouthed a 'sorry' & continued in a hushed tone...
"Virgin called man! He's coming back from UK tomorrow."

"Are you serious? Shit! "
"We better warn all the women in Chennai. Hahaha..."

Veer Singh a.k.a 'Virgin' was pathetic... To say in the least.
Once a regular source of entertainment for us all, his definition of the common woman stands in short, 'an object of desire'. Countless very bad attempts at flirting and hitting on, he had never quite figured out the universal fact. To seek within reach.

I however, must explain Virgin isn't exactly a Demi-God. He's pretty much a sight for sore eyes. And the fact that he stands an unimpressive height of 5'5" doesn't really help.
As desperate as he was celibate, we all assured ourselves he would remain single & a virgin for a long time to come...

I still remember the day he left for Liverpool to get his MBA... He was pumped about the fact that the chicks there would be all over him. Poor guy had actually done a lot of research to figure out their habits & what Brit women liked & disliked... I had found it highly amusing.

.................................................. TO BE CONTINUED


Blogger Da Rodent said...

dude.. if you are planning to take another 10 days for the next part., or if you are going to extend it to some 10 parts., I swear i'll nuke your house.

Fri Jul 21, 05:04:00 PM  
Blogger farustar said...

nice...write d rest sooonn...lol..poor virgin...

Fri Jul 21, 07:41:00 PM  
Anonymous sup said...

Arivu Illa..cool am learning a new language :D
lets hope the next part's equally good and doesnt end like the spoovie :P

Sat Jul 22, 12:32:00 AM  
Blogger Arvind said...

@ da rodent - Immaterial how long I'm gonna take to finish this story, you are bound by its captivating power to not cause me any harm, else you shall ruin the ending... However, I don't know you too well & I don't wish endangering my life by dealing out any empty threats.. So, I shall promise nothing but safe passages through this.. passage?!?!

@ Farah - My! My! If he were real, I'd have hooked you two.. A babbling baby (who happens to be a leetle bit pretty :P) & a desperate horny guy..
Awwwww... & hence the saying "Matches are made in heaven"...
& Poor virgin?? Wait till you hear bout Limp!! Hahaha

@ Sups - Although I see u are absolutely fascinated & thrilled with the prospect of learning new languages & I'm absolutely captivated & stunned at ur grasp of the new language, I'm afraid you still have to go back to your roots...
Henceforth, you should begin with "A for Apple, B... etc.. etc.." :P
& I'm sorry the spovie didn't work out.. But it was the doing of an anti-social element Mehnaz! A lot of bloggers wanted her to rot in hell, I heard...
Is that true??? :O

Sat Jul 22, 01:01:00 AM  
Blogger Da Rodent said...

@arvind: looks like you are another owl.. commenting at 1:01am :) Hangover day huh?

Sat Jul 22, 02:43:00 AM  
Anonymous mehnaz said...

anit-social element??? admit it you loooooooooove me...baaaaah!!

but i dooo like the name bb hyuckkk big black buffaloe butt..wait thats bbbb..anyways...and virgin sounds wierdly like you...:p:p:p:p....
annnd limp?? err why?? he he he sorry perverted mind at work...now if virgin and limp were together then i get the whole idea...:p:p:p...
anyways interesting start to a story...car crash and spoilt rich guy and horny fellow...
now do come up with a finish you nonsensical excuse of a rodent...or i shall make sure in the fifth crash...well you will be in it!!
your most faithful fan...

Mon Jul 24, 10:10:00 PM  
Blogger Parvathi said...

you are catching on the bitching just like me....!shame on u..please tell me BB's name doesn't start with an A

Wed Jul 26, 04:01:00 PM  
Anonymous sups said...

ooooh u want me to start frm A?
A for apple
B for big apple
C for chhota apple
D for dirty apple
E for enormous apple
F for ..f
Ok kk i stop im sure my vocab is clear to u now :P
ahem dont pass the blame on M. u lost all incentive too :P
and u better complete this story or i'll forget what the first part is all about!
btw im sure u didnt take tht photograph :P

Thu Jul 27, 01:18:00 PM  
Blogger Arvind said...

@ Joe - Yes.. Sleep is very hard to come by nowadays... I'm almost always up till 3 just sitting, thinking, listening to music..
& no influence of alcohol at all.. I guess I'm just nocturnal.. :P

@ Mehnaz - Of course... Anything to do with butts seems to grasp ur attention.. & plz! Spare us ur vivid horrifying imagination.. I'm the author & I henceforth proclaim there shall be NOTHING revolting nor kinky in this story..
Now, if Mehnaz were to write a story, it'd be a whole different story.. :D

@ Suchi - Bitching?? Alas! This story is a figment of my imagination & although I did forget to put up a disclaimer, I'd like to say the characters in the story are fictitious & have NO resemblance to anyone living or dead or stuck somewhere inbetween.. :P
But, if your mind still wants to play dirty tricks, Knock urself out! :)

@ Sups - I shall finish the story like I promised to... Luckily, I have NO Mehnaz to help me with it, or it'd be a catastrophe!
& DO NOT EVER Diss the photographs I take!! I'm STILL in awe of that picture I TOOK!!! WHY YOU!!...

Thu Jul 27, 02:48:00 PM  

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